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        Apr. 23th 2014
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ASSC (Architectural Society of Shanghai, China), founded in July 1953, is one of the most professional and authoritative academic societies of science and technology in the architectural field of Shanghai. Over the past fifty years, former Presidents of the association, Jin Oubo, Luo Baihua, Chen Qufei, Wu Jingxiang, Luo Xiaowei and Zheng Shiling are all senior experts of the architectural industry and leaders of the construction authorities. In May 2009, the 11th Delegation Conference of Members elected the new council. The present President is Mr. Wu Zhiguang, general vice President and secretary general concurrent is Cao Jiaming, and vice Presidents are Mr. Wu Jiang, Ding Jiemin, Huang Gang, Yu Sijia and Bian Jiajun.

The association is committed to the missions of mobilizing and motivating the staff of architectural science to promote promulgation and popularization of science and technology, and their common development, and to encourage combination of science and technology, urban construction with economic growth. With vigorous supports of Shanghai Municipal Government and ASC (Architectural Society of China), the association keeps in close touch with architectural designing, construction, scientific research and education organizations, and professional designers and scientific staff. Currently, the association consists of 16 subordinated professional commissions, they are, Architectural Design, Urban and Surburb Planning, Architectural Structure, Architectural Construction, Architectural Electricity, Architectural Heating & Ventilation, Architectural Water Supply and Drainage, Architectural Dynamics, Municipal Transportation, Architectural Economy, Interior and Exterior Environment Design, Green Building Material and Energy Saving, Historical Building Preservation, Village and Town Construction, Information, Eco Construction and Municiple Transportation, and, in addition, 4 working committees, they are, Science Popularization, Academy, Consulting and Organization. For years, the association organizes various academic exchanges and seminars. Each professional commission holds academic seminars with regard to new technology, new material, new equipment and new craftwork, according to their own professional features. The association organizes professional training and engineering technical consulting services. The association receives counterparts from all over the world and the nation, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, to carry out academic exchanges.

The 10th council of the association has further enhanced communication and merged resources in the architectural industry, upholding principles of complementing advantages, sharing resources, enlarging publicity and developing jointly, devoted to better services of the members, member units and the whole society. The year of 2005 witnessed complete success of the seminar on reconstruction of the old town and preservation of historical buildings in Hong Kong and Shanghai, jointly sponsored by ASSC and HKIA (Hong Kong Institute of Architects), with academic lectures and on-site visits held in both two cities. In 2006, the association established the Secretariat Office and the Information Office for the sake of intensifying the efforts to push forward all tasks. In the year 2006, supported by members and member units, the association organized experts to complete compilation and teacher training of the data package of ------ “the pilot project in Shanghai of the Scientific Quality Cultivation Program for China’s Juveniles”, which has met with acclaims of the authority. The association offered scientific consulting services for construction of Jiading New Town, and aroused close attention of relevant authorities of Jiading District. The association actively participated in organization of the 12th Asian Congress of Architects?Shanghai Forum, which won favorable acclaims of ARCASIA (Architects Regional Council Asia) and ASC. With the support of leaders of ASC, Shanghai Municipal Construction and Communications Commission, the association has consistently and successfully conducted the event of the Architecture Creation Award of ASSC for two consecutive years starting from the year of 2006, so that the wishes aspired by Shanghai architects for years have come true, acting as a model and guide for prospering original creation of architecture.

In 2007, the association made its own contribution to appraisal of green buildings in Shanghai and application of “Two Hundred Demonstration Projects” of Green Buildings and Low Energy-consumption Buildings in China, together with Shanghai Green Building Council. The association has warmly received friends from Japan, the United States, Dominica, Spain, Russia, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and so on, and has gained heart-felt appreciation of the guests by introducing them the outstanding contributions made by the member units of the association to development of Shanghai. In Sept. 2007, the association was awarded the 2nd grade society by Shanghai Association for Science & Technology. Architects, involved in the professional investigation organized by the association, visited the new and historical building clusters in Spain, Switzerland, Japan, and northwest of Shangxi Province in China, exchanging skills with counterparts from home and abroad, and greatly strengthening their friendship. Since 2007, monthly telegraphs printed by the association have been punctually being sent to members of long standing and newly approved, being warmly welcomed by everyone.

In Jan. 2008, ASSC held the 1st academic annual meeting that most of the members attended, the President of ASC, Mr. Song Chunhua also attended the meeting and addressed a speech, and made excellent topic presentations with Academician Zheng Shiling, He Jintang, Dai Fudong, Wei Dunshan, and Grandmaster Cui Kai, Prof. Wu jiang respectively. 900 members of long standing and newly approved gathered together happily, attending the communication activities in main and branch meeting locations. Each group member unit of ASSC has actively taken part in the rebuilding work for the earthquake happened in Wen Chuan. At the time of the 30th anniversary for the implementary of the Policy of Reform and Opening up, ASSC undertook the awarding activity for The Excellent Achievements of City Construction in Shanghai in 30 Years After Reforming and Opening up and The Forum of City Construction and Development based upon the commission of such host unit as Shanghai Urban Construction & Communications Committee, Shanghai Development & Reform Committee, Shanghai Science & Technology Committee, Shanghai Planning and National Land Resource Managing Bureau, Pu Dong New Area Government and Shanghai Science & Technology Association as well as guided by Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal, awarding 30 Golden rewards, 30 Silver rewards, 58 Excellent rewards and 46 Nomination rewards, and winning extensive focus and positive comments in society.

In Sept. 2009, ASSC was graded as the 3-star association by Shanghai Science & Technology, and which is the highest grade.

ASSC is constantly enlarging its membership, intensifying its efforts to serve members, member units and the whole society, inspiring the creative enthusiasm and pioneering spirit of architectural engineers and technicians, and striving to rejuvenate the city through science and education to create a harmonious society.

Architectural Society of Shanghai, China
Dec. 2009



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